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Learn & Study in Taiwan ( is a new, integrative resource developed by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States (TECRO) for prospective American students. Taiwan and the USA share the values of democracy, freedom, and human rights, making Taiwan the perfect destination for Americans seeking to further their education.

We created this one-stop shop to provide students and parents with useful information about studying in Taiwan, using the best resources and search engine technology available. Whether you are seeking to expand your language skills or earn a degree, we are proud to welcome you to study abroad in Taiwan. We have also collected information regarding our USA-based Taiwan Centers for Mandarin Learning for those seeking to learn Mandarin Chinese domestically.

Whatever you're searching for, Taiwan offers the best opportunities for you.

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East Taiwan. Photo by Lucas Tsai
Zhushan Sunrise Observation Deck by Lucas Tsai
Why did they choose Taiwan?

available Programs

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Study Locally in the USA

Local Language Study

Find out more about our Taiwan Centers for Mandarin Learning located near you in the USA. Find out how you can apply to a program that offers better opportunities to develop your Mandarin language skills while still living in the United States.

Study Mandarin chinese in Taiwan

Language Study Abroad

Learn about our Mandarin Chinese language study programs in Taiwan. Find out how you can develop your language skills while living in an immersive and exciting environment. With dozens of universities to choose from, we will help guide you in selecting the right program for you.

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Study abroad in Taiwan

Study a Degree or a Semester Abroad

Interested in earning a degree overseas or spending a semester or two abroad? Taiwan offers many programs that further your education and enhance your skills. You can find classes in English at some of the world's top universities in Taipei and other major cities. 

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