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Taiwan higher education

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Taiwan Universities

Taiwan is the home of many internationally recognized universities with classes and degree options in either Mandarin or English. There are more than 100 universities in Taiwan, with more than 40 offering accredited courses and degrees for international students.

Study Abroad in Taiwan 101: The Essential Things to Know

Why choose Taiwan for degree or general study? 



  • According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2019, Taiwan ranked 4th for innovation among 141 countries. Research and instruction taking place in Taiwanese universities have created a critical mass of innovation and creativity.


  • Taiwan has an excellent system of higher education, allowing international students to study a variety of subjects, from Mandarin Chinese, to history, tropical agriculture and forestry, as well as genetic engineering, economics, and semiconductors.


  • With a high reputation for education and science in Taiwan, American students can experience a vibrant modern society rooted in one of the world's most fascinating cultures and inhabited by some of the friendliest and kindest people in the world.


Quick facts about Taiwan’s higher education​​
  • Similar to the education system in the USA, Taiwan has a kindergarten to high school education system prior to entering university. Students can then pursue  four-year bachelor's degree, a two-year master's degree, and a doctoral, or Ph.D. program.

  • As Taiwanese students learn English as a second language from elementary school, most of the Taiwanese people can speak and read some English. Many college students can communicate in English during class.

  • More and more degree programs are offering courses and subjects taught in English. However, some subjects are exclusively taught in Mandarin Chinese. 

  • As of 2021, there are 149 universities and colleges in Taiwan, with nearly 1.2 million active students.


University Degree programs​​


  • Find your scholarships here. Taiwan has the most advanced silicon semiconductor technologies and super affordable college tuitions. The Taiwan government and universities are also offering various scholarships to encourage American students to study in Taiwan.


What are the main reasons to study in Taiwan?

  • According to a survey by, these reasons are: high-quality academic resources, diverse cultures, reasonable and affordable tuitions, exceptional living standards, and further education options. 

  • Other reasons for choosing Taiwan include: availability of scholarships and a better location to find employment where Mandarin Chinese language skills are necessary.

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