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Mandarin chinese Language Centers

Anchor 1 Language Centers in USA

In today's global economy, the ability to speak both Mandarin Chinese and English is extremely valuable. Developing cross-cultural understandings are as important as the communication skills themselves. The best education in Mandarin Chinese can be found in Taiwan's universities as well as in the Taiwan Centers for Mandarin Learning (TCML) located in the United States. 

Language Centers in the USA
  • About the Taiwan Centers for Mandarin Learning (TCML in the USA) 

There are currently about fifteen TCML centers throughout the USA. This is a great option to prepare for further study in Taiwan, or just to simply enhance language skills. During the pandemic, this is likely the best option for those unable to enter Taiwan.

  • Locations in the USA 

Click the link to search the map for Taiwan Centers for Mandarin Learning in the USA to find websites and contact information for enrollment . 

  • Features of TCML 

    • Most of the centers offer interactive language programs, art, and cultural classes for all ages. 

    • Classes are taught in Mandarin Chinese and English and many use Pinyin style for pronunciation, though many will also teach Mandarin Chinese pronunciation with the phonetic symbol method known as "Bopomofo".

    • The learning centers are heavily involved with the local community and offer various outreach programs and cultural events.

    • This provides students with exposure to not only the language, but to traditional Chinese customs as well.

  • Advantages of learning in TCML compared to others 

    • Enhance comprehension and pronunciation, reading and writing/typing skills through practicing in daily conversation.

    • Study in a free and interactive atmosphere to improve language skills.

    • Different levels of classes are offered for all proficiencies and purposes.

    • Learning Mandarin Chinese will provide many advantages in many careers, as it is essential for communication with coworkers and customers.


An introduction to Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning

Why do they choose TCML for Mandarin learning?

Language Centers in Taiwan
  • About Mandarin Chinese Language Centers (Taiwan)

There are roughly sixty Mandarin Chinese language​ centers throughout Taiwan that are certified by the Ministry of Education for international students.  Many of them are departments/divisions in universities that also offer degree programs for specific fields of study.

We recommend choosing a language center that is certified as the admission documents needed to apply for a student (resident) VISA for three months' study or longer, or proof of your short-term visit for language study (less than three months), will be provided by a certified center. Contact the centers via phone or email to find answers to any questions about their programs and benefits for international students.

Do some research using the language program search engine to see where they are. Find the best location for learning Mandarin Chinese in an immersive environment (especially for those wishing to study Mandarin Chinese as a major or for a future career) to learn and apply Mandarin Chinese language skills in everyday life. 

  • Why you should choose Taiwan for Mandarin Chinese learning

Check out these latest testimonies from American students.  Many said that they enjoyed making friends with locals and other international students, the creative teaching methods, the delicious food, and affordable living in Taiwan.

  • Taiwan language education program opportunities 

Check out the Mandarin Chinese language​ centers and their programs in Taiwan.  

  • Teaching style and advantages 

Most of these certified Mandarin Chinese language centers are in colleges and universities, these locations are generally more focused on preparing international students for their college life and studies.

Our language centers utilize interactive teaching methods to get students more involved in the learning process. For example, classes frequently use situation-based role-playing or discussions pertaining to topics that incorporate the new vocabulary. This is quite different than the "memorize and test" style used elsewhere. We believe that students can learn Mandarin Chinese much more efficiently if they experience the traditional Chinese culture and Taiwan's modern society in these topics.


The atmosphere of learning in Taiwan is self-driven, democratic, and friendly. This difference helps students make friends and communicate with people in daily life as well as the workplace in order to obtain the best authentic experience. This program helps advance students' Mandarin Chinese language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing/typing. This provides the opportunity to not only learn about the language, but the traditional Chinese culture and customs. 

  • FAQ 


  • Should I learn Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese?

Many students ask if Simplified Chinese (簡體字) is the most popular form of Chinese text, then what is the value of learning Traditional Chinese (正體字)? Indeed, we learned from students who have studied in Taiwan, and worked in China, that traditional Chinese opened up many more opportunities. It is very easy for people who learned Traditional Chinese to understand Simplified Chinese, therefore Taiwanese people have no trouble working or living in China. Many people who only learned Simplified Chinese had trouble reading or communicating with people in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan where Traditional Chinese is more commonly used.

  • Do universities require TOCFL for admissions?

Taiwan's higher education is quite international today. Most of the universities offer their international programs lectured in English. Unless you study in a Chinese language-related fields, most universities do not require the Test Of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) as part of admissions, and do not require individuals to speak, read, or write Mandarin. This test is to evaluate proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and is sometimes used as a placement test, but most of the time for career development. 

Immersive Mandarin learning in Taiwan

Short-term  Mandarin learning in Taiwan

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