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 Mandarin Learning Programs in the usa

Find a Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning (TCML) near you

Type in your address or zip code in the address bar below. You will find each center's website, contact phone, address, and email.

These centers are supported by the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) in Taiwan to promote Taiwanese-American cultural and educational relations. These programs provide the best local learning experiences and exposure to authentic Taiwanese culture. For more information, please check TCML website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are both in person and online learning programs available? During the pandemic, many language centers implemented interactive online programs so that students can attend class from the comfort of their own home. This provides more opportunity as students are no longer limited by distance, and it caters to different levels of interest and proficiency. 

  • Do they offer classes for different levels of language proficiency? This is important to ensure you get the right level of Mandarin Chinese instruction and are not put into a class that is either too hard or too easy for you.

  • What teaching methods are used? Our centers feature practical curriculums that are designed with real-life scenarios to engage people with various levels of Mandarin Chinese exposure.  

  • Are classes offered for different age groups? Some centers offer affiliated children's Mandarin Chinese learning programs for learners of all ages, while other centers cater exclusively to adult students or professional learners. 

  • Where are classes held? While some centers have their own building, others work with local elementary or high schools. Due to developing health department regulations, courses may adapt from in-person to online lessons and vice versa at any given time. It is advised to call your prospective center during registration to confirm that the information on their website is up to date. 

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