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 Apply for Mandarin Chinese Study in Taiwan 
A closer look...

  1. Choosing the program that best suits you

    • Choose a Mandarin Chinese language center in Taiwan to boost your Mandarin Chinese language skills. 

    • If you have never been to Taiwan and are curious about student life on this beautiful tropical island, we recommend you watch a few testimonials on this Study In Taiwan YouTube  channel. You will see why students from around the world say that this is the ideal place to learn Mandarin Chinese and enjoy a wonderful learning experience, or to develop new skills for your career.

    • Also, take some time to learn about Taiwan's major cities, environment, and cost of living to help in the decision making process.

  2. Scholarships

  3. Learning about Admissions and Eligibility

    • How to apply for each of the programs: Each school has different deadlines and most take online applications with supplemental documentation to be sent by email. 

    • Check the international student eligibility to apply for a VISA.  A person of foreign nationality who has never held Republic of China (ROC) nationality and who meets the following requirements are permitted to apply for admission to an educational institution.

    • Requirements (level of education, course units, etc.).

    • Test Of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL). Usually this is not required unless you are entering a special program where high percentages of lectures are in Mandarin Chinese. 

  4. The Application Process

    • Start your application, plan ahead of time (at least 4 months is recommended).

    • Go to the center/university's website and find the "Application" or "Admissions" page, read through the school requirements and regulations, download the forms (or fill out online), then submit with all the needed supporting documents.  

    • Contact the school administration office to check if they have received your application and  ask how long you must wait for the the admission results. 

  5. Travel Requirements

    • Certificate of admission issued by language centers.

    • Valid Passport - Give yourself at least 3-4 months before your trip to get your U.S. passport, then submit the passport to a TECO office for the VISA. This may take another month depending on the processing speed of the embassy so plan ahead. It is a good idea to give them a call before you send the documents to ensure they can process your VISA application. They all speak English as well.

    • VISAs – visitor or resident? It depends on how long you will stay. In general, a Visitor VISA is issued for students who are going to stay in Taiwan for less than 6 months.  A longer stay will require a resident VISA. You may also check this well written international student VISA guide

    • Apply for your VISA in a TECO office: Look up this interactive map to find a TECO office for VISA applications. Pay close attention to the "Service Area" of each office since they all have a defined list of servicing states.

    • COVID related restrictions - Check with the TECO offices in the USA  regarding the VISA program reopening dates, the border entry restrictions, and the specific quarantine periods. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the TECO offices may have restrictions of hours and ways of processing (in-person/mail-in) regarding the VISA applications. Please check their websites on the map to read the latest VISA news.  

    • Plane tickets - If you buy roundtrip tickets there are a few Taiwan-based airlines (e.g. China Airlines, EVA airlines, and certain international airlines) that may let you change your flight without charging fees. This is important in case you need to return home early, or if you wish to stay longer. Ask about their fee policy before you buy.

  6. Getting Ready to Go 

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