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Apply in 5 Steps


Choose the Best Program for your Learning Goals


Learn about Admissions & Eligibility 


Learn about the Application Process and What You Need to Apply


Learn about Travel Requirements and Restrictions*


Make Final Preparations and Get Ready to Go!

*COVID - 19 special notice: Due to the pandemic, Taiwan is currently implementing travel restrictions. Check the latest news to plan your study accordingly.  

  1. Choosing the Best Program

    1. Choose a Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning in the USA, Mandarin Chinese language centers in Taiwan, or online classes to boost your Mandarin Chinese language skills. 

    2. Choose a degree program and university. Learn about Taiwan's higher education system, programs and scholarships, major cities, environment, and cost of living to help the decision-making process. 

  2. Learning about Admissions and Eligibility

    1. Learn how to apply for each program. (Learn Mandarin Chinese in the USA) (Learn Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan)(Degree Programs in Taiwan)

    2. Requirements (GPA, Course Units, etc.)

    3. Mandarin Chinese placement test (Test Of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL))

  3. The Application Process

    1. Start your application and plan ahead of time.

  4. Travel Requirements

    1. COVID Test and Vaccination Requirements

    2. Valid Passport

    3. VISAs – visitor or student

    4. Plane tickets

  5. Getting Ready to Go 

    1. Planning your budget

    2. Accommodations

    3. Mentally preparing | Culture shock

What's Next?

Visit Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices for VISA

Please click the map pin that is close to your location or enter your ZIP code to search. Each office will list their service area and the consular service website. Please visit their websites to see all VISA requirements. Due to Covid-19, there may be a slight difference in each office's case handling, including in-person or mail-in requirements. 

Some offices like TECO-LA may require the applicant to apply online to get a case tracking number (QR code) before sending in application materials.

To make sure your case is processed successfully and is traceable, you can call their phone number listed in the search results and an officer will help you with your questions.

Search TECO offices in the U.S.A 
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