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frequently Asked Questions
Is Taiwan a safe and friendly place to study?

Yes, many students from the USA told us that they felt Taiwan is one of the most safe and friendly places to study and live in. It is also very convenient to travel and commute. You will enjoy the clean and comfortable public transportation systems in Taiwan, including the famous Taiwan High Speed Rail.

is it safe to travel to taiwan during covid-19?

When a SARS-like virus appeared in late 2019, it was expected that Taiwan, due to its proximity to China and high population density, would be one of the most affected countries. In spite of the pandemic spreading worldwide, Taiwan has contained it and minimized its impact on people's daily lives. Part of this involves travel restrictions, quarantine, and vaccination mandates.

Find out more about traveling to Taiwan during the pandemic here.

To find out more about Taiwan's successful battle again COVID-19, visit the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control website.

Can i work in taiwan?

Yes you can! The Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Program will begin its latest round of recruitment starting Jan 1, 2022. Taiwan welcomes American citizens interested in teaching English in Taiwan to apply.

For more information, please refer to the official TFETP website at

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