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Mandarin Chinese  Programs in Taiwan

Search Mandarin Chinese Language centers By Conditions

The best interactive keyword search engine to find Mandarin Chinese Language Centers in Taiwan

Find out which language centers provide scholarships and accommodations.

Find out which centers are close to train stations, MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) stations, or High Speed Rail stations.

There are more than sixty Mandarin Chinese language centers accredited by the Ministry of Education that specialize in admitting international students. 


We recommend you start from this search engine developed by the Taiwan Mandarin Educational Resources Center. This is the best and most complete database of all the qualified institutes including public and private centers affiliated with universities or independently operated.

There is a lot of useful information for planning future studies in Taiwan.


There are even options for short-term study. Some institutes also offer short-term programs that combine travel tours as well. Also, many centers offer online programs, so students will be able to join them in the way that best suits their time and schedule.


Lastly, we recommend checking their admissions requirements, VISA, and work permit regulations. Research information about tuition, health insurance, transportation, and accommodation to better plan and prepare.

Search Mandarin Chinese language Centers by MAP

An interactive map view to find Mandarin Chinese language centers in Taiwan

For those who have never been to Taiwan, it is worthwhile to take a good look at this map to get the basic idea of the distribution of Mandarin Chinese language centers in Taiwan. This correlates to the map view of the universities that have international degree programs for students from the United States, as those schools would have international student offices as well as language centers.

Currently on the map, there are more than sixty Mandarin Chinese language centers accredited by the Ministry of Education that can issue a certificate of admission for a visa application. Most of them are in the western Taiwan metropolitan area, especially in big cities like Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. With convenient, safe, and clean public transportation such as high speed rail and buses, none of them are too far to reach. 

How to search:

1. Enter the city or the address to find a language center. Then enter the radius to search.


2. The map shows the nearby language centers. Simply click the drop pin and the window will show the most useful information, such as the name, website, contact phone, and email. 


3. Browse their website and contact them to learn what the school offers as far as programs, tuition, scholarships, application requirements, and teaching methods.


4. Finally, take a look at the surrounding environment. Do you prefer big and busy modern cities or a quiet countryside? There are so many choices and every language center has their own specialty to offer.  

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