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University Programs in Taiwan


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Perhaps the most authentic and complete search engine that includes all Taiwan universities and colleges with international learning programs (degree and short-term study) is We strongly recommend starting from there.


  • For those considering a degree, start with Degree Program/Fields of Study, and further filter by the language of instruction which indicates the percentage of lessons taught in English. If you find a program you want that is not entirely in English, contact the school to ask what level of Mandarin Chinese is sufficient, and you may boost your level in their language learning center.

  • For short-term programs, select either graduate or undergraduate, and select field of interest.

  • Look further into each school's program requirements, tuition, environment, accommodations, scholarships, and insurance information.

  • Never feel bad to contact the school, and perhaps professors there as well. Try to connect with international students already studying in the program, and they may provide a lot of first-hand information about school life there. 

Taiwan Scholarships

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In Taiwan, there are plenty of scholarships offered to American students to study in various fields for different terms of study. There are two major sponsors: Taiwan government (central/local) or university/colleges. Check the links below for more specific searches.  

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